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Hey there lovers!

Welcome to my corner

I'm Alyce.

Alyce Eden Collective is a Sydney based collective , Australia. Specialising in wedding photography, florals, and styling, Alyce brings a unique and creative approach to every event she works on. Led by the talented and passionate Alyce Eden, the collective is dedicated to capturing the magic and beauty of each couple's love story. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Alyce goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of their clients' wedding day is picture-perfect. From stunning floral arrangements to breathtaking photography, Alyce Eden Collective is the perfect choice for couples who want their wedding to be an unforgettable experience.

I cannot wait to know you more.




With a background in fashion photography and experience shooting bridal editorials, I am a professional, high-end wedding photographer. As a lover of weddings and emotion myself, I am adept at capturing those candid, intimate moments that most couples hope to remember after their wedding day - be that a laugh with the bridal party or mother and son dance. Aspiring to photograph my couples at their most natural, I seamlessly blend in at weddings, ensuring to politely take photos, not disrupt conversation, and put everyone at ease - you won’t know I'm there half the time.

But my talents don't stop there. After gifting my wedding florals and styling services to friends as a wedding present, I quickly fell in love with the art of creating beautiful floral arrangements and designing stunning wedding decor. My keen eye for detail and love of all things beautiful make me a natural fit for wedding florals and styling.

As a true professional, I am always dedicated to my craft and ensuring that my clients receive the very best. Whether I'm behind the camera, designing floral arrangements, or styling wedding decor, I bring my signature blend of creativity, skill, and passion to every project I take on.


Photographer. Storyteller. Lover of flowers.

I'm Alyce


Love notes from the best people.

I could not pick a more perfect fit for my wedding day. Alyce brought my creative vision to life not only through my florals & styling, but also through photography. For me it was important that our wedding day was unique and artistic as this reflects who we are. Most importantly Alyce understood who we are as a couple and was able to tell our story through her photography, hence why we ended up with the most beautiful moments captured. From arriving at the venue prior to set up styling to getting to both of us prior to the ceremony for photos, Alyce is efficient & professional and I can't recommend her enough for your special day.


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What sets my soul on fire other than photography and flowers.

One of my other favorite things is slow Sunday mornings. You know the ones - when you can sleep in a little, sip your coffee or tea, and just relax without any rush or hurry. It's the perfect time to catch up on some reading or snuggle up with my family and watch a movie. 

And another thing that really lights me up is thrift shopping! On Saturdays when I'm not shooting weddings, you can usually find me scouring the local thrift stores for hidden gems. There's something about the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovering a unique treasure that makes me so happy. Plus, it's an eco-friendly way to shop and support local businesses!

And lastly my partner dale and beautiful daughter Olive are my greatest joys. 

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And create timeless magic 

Ana & Drew

01. 08. 2022.

Los Angeles

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