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Frequently asked questions 

When can we expect to receive our images?

I do pride myself on prompt package delivery. It does depend on the size of the package but I do tend to get images sent within 4 - 5 weeks of the shoot. My USB Love Box can be sent within 8 weeks. International shoots are within 8 weeks.

How many photos can we expect?

The number of images depends on the time spent on a shoot. I share only the best pictures with my clients rather than a predicted number. In saying that all clients to receive a generous amount of amazing shots.

Can we post the images online?

Of course! Once you have payed and received your images, they are then yours to play with.

We do kindly ask you not to edit the images and to please tag @alyceeden_collective on Social media.

Can I see a full wedding gallery?

More than happy to share a full wedding gallery. Just ask!

Do you have insurance?

If a venue requires insurance, we are more than happy to supply the necessary


Can you help us with planning?

Always! I have a dedicated team behind me with amazing skills in all areas. We can help with all hair and make-up, floristry and event styling just to name a few.

Ask about florals we do that too! 

Do you bring backup equipment?

Always. I never shoot without a safety plan.

Do you travel?

Travelling is an important part of my career. My team are always willing to help your vision

come alive in the location you desire. It brings out new creativity and inspiration.

What do we wear to our couple session?

Clean and crisp colours always work well. I’m more than happy to send you a style guide

to help you understand what shoots the best. We just aim to see your inner happiness.

Have i missed anything ?
Get in touch! 
Im aways happy to chat !

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